Flag Orders and Re-Posts

RE-POST Information:
  • Flags that were retrieved at the end of the 2017 Field of Honor may be brought back for the 2018 Field of Honor® and re-posted for a $20 donation at the Field BEGINNING NOVEMBER 4th from 10:00 a.m. through daylight hours. 
  • To be reposted, your flag(s) must be in PERFECT condition. Please also bring the pole, rebar, and gold finial that you received when you picked up your flag(s).  if you did not pick up the pole, finial and rebar last year, no worries! We will provide them at no charge this year. Be sure to pick up the entire flag assembly this year. Next year there will be an additional charge if only a flag is brought for posting.
  • We will print a new dedication tag at the field for this year’s posting. Please have your hero’s information handy.

Any flags on the field that were not claimed on the closing day (11/12/17) or were not designated to be shipped, became the property of the Rotary Club of Georgetown for re-sale this year. Please be sure to retrieve your flags this year for the 2019 Field of Honor®!



If you are purchasing multiple flags online, you must order ONE flag at a time. Only mark “1” flag in the quantity box, and then complete that order. When the first flag order is complete, return to the order page and begin entering your next flag order. Repeat for each flag purchased.

Note: You do not have to complete every field in the flag order page. If you do not have all the particular information for your hero (such as dates of service or war(s) served),  just include what you know. Required fields are indicated with an *.


Several non-profit organizations that serve military and first responders in the region will be registered with the Field of Honor® as Affiliates.  If you are purchasing a flag or flags to benefit one of the Affiliates, click the drop down box and mark the one through whom you were directed to this website. That Affiliate will receive a portion of the proceeds for their fundraising efforts. If your flag purchase is through the Rotary Club of Georgetown, you do not need to check a box.


For a nominal fee of $7.00, flags can be shipped to anyone in the continental US. Just be sure to click on “ship my flag after the event” on the order form and complete the shipping information. Only the flag and ribbon will be shipped (no poles or rebar).

Flags are shipped within 30 days after the close of the Field of Honor®.

NOTE: No refunds, please. If you change your mind and choose to pick up your flag(s) after having paid for shipping online, please consider your $7.00 to be a donation to the Field of Honor®. Your contribution will be put to good use to help a veteran or first responder.

Shipping will only be available online. If you purchase your flags at the Field of Honor, please plan to pick them up on Monday, November 12, 2018 between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m.

Flag sales are final.