Establishing the Rotary Club of Georgetown Foundation’s Field of Honor was inspired by the Rotary Club of Murrieta’s event. They have had eight successful years’ experience in presenting and growing their Field of Honor® to be a signature event for both Rotary and the community.

Frank and Bob (aka: “Frank and Beans”), the co-chairs in Murrieta, have been tremendously helpful in sharing everything from sage advice to documents and processes to help get our event get started.  We are grateful to them for their ongoing help, even as we bombard them with lists of questions. Who’s to argue with success? So, we are patterning our event after theirs. Thanks to their mentorship and great example, our learning curve will be cut short. Thank you, Frank and Beans!

The Field of Honor® concept was overwhelmingly supported by the Rotary Club of Georgetown leadership and members. Also, the Georgetown City Manager, David Morgan, the City Council, and everyone to whom we have spoken about this event has been supportive and enthusiastic about the need for expanding our city’s tribute to our veterans and first responders. “The Field of Honor is a perfect complement to the Sun City Veterans Day event” stated Mr. Morgan. “We have been wanting to add a significant event to honor local veterans and first responders. This is the perfect event to do that,” he added. Both Chief Nero and Chief Sullivan (police and fire chiefs, respectively) are enthusiastically behind this project as well. The Field of Honor® will be a great event for the community, and it will benefit our beloved veterans and first responders. What’s not to like?